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Our filters can be used wherever solids have to be separated from liquids. We are active in different branches in which the demands on the filter products are very diverse. Sanin Filtertechnik uses its practical, technical and

product knowledge in the area of liquid filtration to improve your industrial processes. If one the following sectors does not meet your profile, do not hesitate to contact us. Your challenges are one of the greatest driving forces for our development.

Cooling lubricants and oils

A large amount of our filters is used for the purification of cooling lubricants in machining processes. The durability both of these valuable fluids and the adjacent machine periphery (pumps, tools, etc.) will be extended by the use of suitable filters. At the same time the machining quality can be positively affected through optimal filtration. Whether in general engineering or during the manufacturing of special machines, in the production of engines, pumps, compressors or the like, metalworking is always required. Sanin Filtertechnik will gladly advise you on the selection and optimization of your filters from milling or turning through to (ultra) precision machining like grinding or polishing and in rolling mills.

Water: Fresh water and waste water

The foundation of human life is water. Suitable filters for the collection and purification of fresh water with sufficient quality are as elementary as filters for the aftertreatment of waste water. The goal can be either a reuse in the cycle or a disposal into the environment. The local and industrial waste water treatment, for example in the form of sewage sludge disposal or sewage sludge drying, is part of our portfolio for water purification. Additionally, filters for industrial effluents and gypsum dewatering contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation.

Surface finishing: Electroplating, anodizing, laquers and paints

Whether functional or decorative electroplating, whether plastics or metals, Sanin Filtertechnik supplies you with the right filters for your process/electrolyte fluids. Moreover we can optimize the efficiency of the water purification for your particular needs. We will also provide you with long-lasting products for the surface finishing by anodizing. Furthermore, we are looking forward to receiving inquiries from the areas of lacquers and paints where we will gladly present you our know how.

Food products: Food and beverages

Filters for the food industry are subject to strict quality requirements. They are either used to remove harmful contamination or to reach the steadily increasing purity standards of liquid products. Those „liquid“ processes comprise a broad spectrum of applications with different suspensions. We assist you with the filtration during the production of alcoholic (beer, wine, liquor, spirits, etc.) as well as non-alcoholic beverages (mineral water, juices, soft drinks, etc.). Our complete spectrum of filters is also used in following industries: meat and fish; fruits and vegetables; oils and fats; dairy products; animal nutrition; bread, sugar, tea and coffee.


Our filters are also utilized in electrical industries during hardware manufacturing, e.g. in PCB production. Power plants, energy producing companies and utilities rely on our high quality filters. Even under the extreme conditions of the chemical industry (raw chemicals/petrochemicals) as well as the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (cosmetics/medication/drugs) our filters assure excellent results. During the extraction and processing of raw materials like oil, petrol, diesel and coal or mining in general, Sanin Filtertechnik filters are employed. Closely related is the metal production and the fabrication of nonmetallic materials like glasses or ceramics. Besides this, our filters are in use in forestry and paper industry. Further areas of application are: Agriculture; fabrics, leather, rubber and plastic production; chlorine and sodium hydroxide production; fabrication of diverse polymers; silicate and pigment manufacturing.