Filter Housings

suitable for your operating conditions

Sanin Filtertechnik is a leading supplier of diverse filter housings. Depending on the requirements, you can find suitable models for your standard application as well as for complex and demanding filtration tasks. Variants made of stainless steel or plastic for both, filter bags and filter cartridges are available. Based on your operating conditions, 

the design will be individually matched to the operating temperature, the flow volume or the viscosity of the operating medium and the desired filtration fineness. You will find everything from single housings for one filter element to multiple housings for more than 20 filter elements in different sizes in our portfolio.

Filter bag housings

Filter Bag Housings

Our filter bag housings and more than 1000 filter bag types are 100 % compatible. According to your field of application, they are offered as high quality versions or cheaper variants available in both stainless steel and plastic . Thus, absolute fine filtrations with maximum deposition efficiency as well as standard applications with coarse filtration fineness are feasible.

Materials:Diverse Qualities stainless steel and plastics
Sizes:1 · 2 · 3 · 4
No. of filter elements:1 to 24
Connections:½“ to 14“; DN 25 to DN 350
Max. operating pressure:6 to 21 bar
Max. operating temperature:60 to 160 °C 
Max. throughput:6 to 960 m³/h
Optional accessories:Pressure absorbing baskets, magnetic rods, displacement bodies and much more
Other:Diverse connection outlets, closure variants, surface treatments, lifting mechanisms and further special equipment

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Filter cartridge housings

Filter Cartridge Housings

Housings for the filtration with filter cartridges are equally available in stainless steel or plastic. The use as police filter with comparatively coarse filtration fineness is as feasible as fine filtrations with less than 1 µm absolute deposition rate. Individual solutions for different sizes in length and diameter as well as filter cartridge adapters are offered.

Materials:Diverse qualities stainless steel and plastics
Sizes:9 ¾“ to 40“
No. of filter elements:1 to 73
Connections:3/8“ to 2“; DN 50 to DN 150
Max. operating pressure:    8 to 20 bar
Max. operating temperature:    50 to 160 °C
Max. throughput:    2,4 to 438 m³/h
Optional accessories:    Wrenches, mounting brackets and much more