Our Team

one for all and all for you

Representative for the whole team, you can find out more about what moves us, where we come from and how our fascination for filtration evolved in the following individual portraits:

Jannik S. (Sales)

"I love to schedule my time on my own and freely organize my daily life. Besides, I can always contribute new ideas and get the chance to drive things forward. Seeing everyone pulling together is fantastic as well."

After my graduation from school I decided to study according to the “Ulmer Modell” which comprises both, training as an industrial mechanic and studies in mechanical engineering. After that I began my career in the filtration industry. At the same time I completed a master’s degree in systems engineering and management with a focus on industrial management. During this period I was able to gain initial experience in the sale of filter products on which my todays work is based and which aroused my fascination for filtration.

Tizian S. (Technology)

“I like to deal with complex problems. In practice, varied applications arise from countless fluids coming in contact with diverse filter materials. Finding solutions in this environment is a great challenge for me.”

After finishing school I decided to pursue a technical degree in materials science at the University of Augsburg. Because my enthusiasm remained unbroken after the bachelor thesis, I enrolled for a consecutive master degree in the same field. During this period I was able to gain various experiences in laboratory operation from which I benefit every day. Similarly, an internship in the filtration industry for several months proved advantageous and developed my passion for this industry.