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Size comparison of particulate matter

Classification of particulate matter according to ISO 16890

What is particulate matter? Particulate matter (PM) is divided into different groups depending on the particle size. The most important groups are PM10, PM2.5 and PM1, which are also known from current environmental policy discussions. The performance of our air filter elements is defined by the separation efficiency compared to the particle sizes of the PMX groups (e.g. ePM10 80%).

Do you have any questions about our air filters or the current ISO 16890 standard? Contact us here.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

At the end of the pre-Christmas season, many are currently in the last working week of the year.

We wholeheartedly wish you a merry Christmas, a contented reflection on the past, a little faith in tomorrow and hope for the future.

We wish you good luck and health for the new year and look forward to a trusting cooperation in 2020.


Winding machine

Filter Fleece Rolls on Customer Request

Filter fleece rolls are used on belt filter systems of different sizes. For this, the nonwovens are cut in width and length individually according to customer requirements. In terms of nonwoven properties, such as material, tensile force or permeability, each application has its own requirements.

You can find the right filter fleece here.


Filter housing with pressure gauge

Filter housing with pressure gauge

Filter elements must be replaced after a certain time, but when exactly? Our filter housings with differential pressure gauge indicate the right time for the filter change.

Contact us here, if you too want to get the most out of your filter elements.


Hydraulic filter

Hydraulic filters

In addition to our standard range of liquid filters, we also offer hydraulic filters. These are used both in stationary systems such as presses, as well as mobile, for example in construction machinery. By abrasion of moving parts, aging residues or dirt particles from the environment, the hydraulic fluid can be contaminated and must therefore be purified.

For more information on our hydraulic filters contact us here.


Compact filter with pleated filter media

Compact filters

Compact filters are used for the separation of coarse and fine dusts. Due to their compact design in V-shaped packages and the pleated filter medium, compact filters offer an extremely large filter surface in the smallest of spaces. This reduces on the one hand the pressure drop and thus the energy consumption, on the other hand it increases the service life.

You can find more about our compact filters here.


Filter cartridge housing (7 cartridges)

Filter Cartridge Housing

Filter cartridge housings can be used from coarse filtration to submicron fine filtration. Depending on the application, housings with different numbers and lengths of filter elements can be designed to achieve the desired flow rate.

More information about our filter housings can be found here or through our contact form.


Duplex Filter

Duplex Filters

In a current project, we have designed several duplex filters for one of our customers. They consist of two parallel bag filter housings and offer the advantage that, depending on requirements, both or only one housing can be operated. Therefore, the filter change can take place during operation. More information and technical data for our bag filter housings are available here.


Filter Press

Filter Cloths in Filter Presses

Filter presses consist of several plates, which are covered with filter cloths. The filter plates are pressed together under high pressure while a pump directs the suspension into the chambers located between the plates. The solids retained by the filter cloths form a filter cake which makes a significant contribution to filtration. The filter cake is finally removed and the process begins again. You can find our selection of filter cloths here.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year

At the end of the pre-Christmas season, many are currently in the last working week of the year. 

We wholeheartedly wish you a merry Christmas, a contented reflection on the past, a little faith in the future and hope for the future.

We wish you good luck and good health for the new year and look forward to a trusting cooperation in 2019.


Bag Filter Housing

Depending on the flow rate, operating pressure, temperature and fineness requirement we offer the right filter bag housing. With a bag filter insert as the filter medium, these housings are used from metal cutting through filtration of water to the food industry.


Cooling lubricant filtration

Filter Fleece in Cooling Lubricant Filtration

In metalworking, the treatment of cooling lubricants is essential in order to ensure qualitative requirements for the machined part as well as the protection of the system components (pumps, valves, nozzles, etc.). To clean the cooling lubricant, belt filter systems are used which retain machining residues such as metal chips or abrasive particles with the aid of nonwovens. The properties of filter fleece are i.a. determined by the choice of material (PES, PP, viscose, etc.), the type of solidification (chemical, thermal, mechanical) or the grammage. Our filter fleeces are suitable for all machining processes such as drilling, turning, milling, honing, lapping or grinding.


Magnetic Rods in Filtration

Magnets are used for the filtration of iron-containing particles e.g. in metalworking, surface finishing and the food industry. For that purpose, a magnetic rod is placed before the actual filter, on which the metal particles from the liquid deposit. As a result, the actual filter lasts longer, which means that it has to be changed less frequently and costs can be saved. The magnetic rod itself can be cleaned and reused. With a magnetic flux density of around one tesla, our magnetic rods are among the strongest permanent magnets, making them almost ten times stronger than standard horseshoe magnets.