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Filter Bags - Sizes

Filter Bags - Sizes

Filter bags are an inexpensive and universal filtration solution. These filters are used above all in metal processing, electroplating, parts cleaning or water treatment. Depending on the flow or spatial conditions, bags of different sizes are used (shown in the picture: our standard filter bags in sizes 1-4). Many of our high quality filter bags are available from stock in various sizes, fineness grades and designs. For specific requirements, we offer a wide range of additional options such as fully welded seams or various plastic or (stainless) steel rings for a perfect fit in your bag filter housing.

Here you will find a clear overview of our range of filter bags. .


Filter fleece rolls

Filter Fleeces

Our nonwovens are used on various belt filter systems for the filtration of solid particles from liquids. We stock a large number of rolls of suitable width for common belt filters. Inquiries about unusual dimensions are also not a problem. These rolls are cut at the customer's request.

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Disc Filter

Disc Filter

In a current project, a disc filter equipped with special nonwovens is used. Thanks to their special surface treatment, these filter fleeces are intended to make unwanted bacteria harmless when flowing through the filter medium.

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Pleated filter cartridge | Stainless steel cartridge | Activated carbon filter

Filter cartridges for every application

Filter cartridges are cylindrical filter elements that are flowed through from the outside in and are used particularly for demanding filtration tasks. The wide variety of filter cartridges includes inexpensive standard filter cartridges as well as pleated filter elements for very fine filtrations, stainless steel filter cartridges for high-temperature applications and activated carbon filters for the removal of dissolved substances. Thanks to their universal applicability and low price, they are among the most common liquid filters.

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Magnetic inserts for bag filters

Magnetic inserts for bag filters

We offer magnetic rod inserts for bag filter housings of all common sizes. The bag hold-down construction keeps the filter bag in shape and the central magnetic rod holds back iron-containing particles. This reduces the amount of particles hitting the filter medium and increases the service life of the filter bags.

You can find out more about our bag filter systems here.


Size comparison of particulate matter

Classification of particulate matter according to ISO 16890

What is particulate matter? Particulate matter (PM) is divided into different groups depending on the particle size. The most important groups are PM10, PM2.5 and PM1, which are also known from current environmental policy discussions. The performance of our air filter elements is defined by the separation efficiency compared to the particle sizes of the PMX groups (e.g. ePM10 80%).

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