Plants and Special Constructions

for your filtration

Besides our standard range of solid/liquid filtration products, you will find diverse possibilities for problem solving with Sanin Filtertechnik in the following. If you cannot discover your

personal need for your filtration application, please do not hesitate to ask us. Together with our excellent network, we will find a solution for you.

Mobile filter station

In the field of engineering, we can help you with economic efficiency calculations, benefit analyses, general assistance and special constructions like e.g. a customizable filter cart. We can also design complete belt filter systems for you. In this area, you can count on our know how in form of customized filter bands made of fabric. We would be pleased to draft your individual filter bag made of our high-quality nonwovens or filter fabrics. Besides the physical products for the filtration of fluids, you can contact us on the subject of air filtration.

Filter press

Regarding membrane and chamber filter presses we support you with elements for your plant in the waste water domain and electroplating. Furthermore, smaller accessories like plastic scrapers, handles or outlet taps are available. For the electroplating industry, we offer custom-made anode bags for the protection of your anodes like plates, baskets or rods made from polypropylene fabric. In addition, filter discs as an alternative to filter cartridges for the galvanic industry are available. For this purpose, paper and charcoal versions with different grammages and dimensions are offered.