Filter Bags

for an efficient filtration

Various new developments have been steadily increasing the performance of filter bag filtration in the recent past. These include fully welded bag filters or high performance needle felts. Increased filter surfaces through pleated elements or multi-layered constructions can also be used without

retrofitting. Thus the range of use has been considerably extended for you. The different filter bags are especially suited for nominal and absolute filtration in all kinds of metalworking, water purification, paints/lacquers, automotive and food industry.

Standard filter bag

Standard Filter Bags

These filter bags are suited for almost all filtration processes. Due to the range of different materials, their cheap price and their resilient design, they became the “standard” among the bag filters. Needle felts made of polyester or polypropylene serve as filter medium. The fully welded variant guarantees a bypass-free filtration.

Materials:Polyester, polypropylene
Fineness:1 · 5 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 80 · 100 · 125 · 150 · 200 µm
Sizes:1 · 2 · 3 · 4
Collars:Different plastic collars, galvanized steel, stainless steel
Other:Sewn and fully welded constructions available
XL filter bag

XL Filter Bags

Made from special fiber blends, these filter bags achieve a two to five times longer service life. The finer fibers allow a lower initial differential pressure and ensure a longer service life with a significant cost reduction. In order to avoid fiber release into the medium that has to be filtrated, a thermal surface treatment is carried out. 

Materials:Polyester, Polypropylen
Fineness:1 · 5 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 100 µm
Sizes:1 · 2
Collars:Different plastic collars
Other:Fully welded construction; pleated version available
XXL filter bag

XXL Filter Bags

In comparison to XL filter bags, an increased filter surface by more than 75 % enables a further service life extension and a prolongation of replacement intervals. The same needle felts with all their advantages serve as filter medium. Shorter downtimes of your machines as well as lower personnel expenses are a direct consequence. The use in available bag filter housings is easily possible using a XXL pressure absorbing basket.

Materials:Polyester, Polypropylen
Fineness:1 · 5 · 10 · 25 · 50 · 100 µm
Sizes:1 · 2
Collars:Different plastic collars
Other:Fully welded construction
Absolute filter bag

Absolute Filter Bags

The essential distinguishing feature of absolute filter bags compared to nominal types is the significantly higher deposition rate. They possess a much higher lifetime during the fine filtration of fluids. Increasing demands towards the deposition efficiency in order to improve the product quality or the compliance with limit values make their use inevitable in many cases. They are manufactured either as multi-layered or pleated variants.

Materials:Polyester, polypropylene
Fineness:0,5 to 40 µm absolute
Größen:1 · 2
Krägen:Different plastic collars
Sonstiges:Fully welded construction, up to ten layers
Pleated high-performance filter elements

Pleated high-performance filter elements

The product program in the area of bag filters is complemented with pleated high-performance filter elements. Their compatibility with various existing filter housing types makes them an easy-to-use substitute in many applications. The handling is as simple as for common filter bag systems and additionally they show all the performance features of filter elements: Highest uniformity of the separation efficiency, large filter surface for a maximum dirt absorption capacity and the option of customized products for specific applications.

Fineness:1 - 150 µm absolute
Sizes:1 (Ø180x430L) · 2 (Ø180x810L) · 60"
Collars:Different plastic collars
Other:Fully welded construction; length compensation through adjustable collar
Fabric filter bag NMO, PEM, PMO

Fabric Filter Bags

These filter bags consist of nylon mono, polypropylene mono or polyester multifilaments. Depending on the application, they can be used multiple times due to their structure. The three accurately processed fabric types allow the use throughout a broad spectrum of chemical resistance. The monofil fabrics made of single filaments are particularly robust, while the multifil polyester variant shows a good dirt holding capacity.

Materials:Nylon, polyester, polypropylene
Fineness:1 to 1800 µm
Sizes:1 · 2 · 3 · 4
Collars:Different plastic collars, galvanized steel, stainless steel
Other:Sewn and welded constructions available