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Pre-Christmas period is coming to an end and some of you might also be in their last working week of the year.

We wholeheartedly wish you a thoughtful Christmas season, contentment for the past, faith for tomorrow, and hope for the future.

We are looking forward to a trustworthy cooperation in 2017.

You can contact us with your inquiries, projects and orders over the turn of the year.


Pleated high-performance filter elements with foolproof handling



Pleated high-performance filter elements have been complementing our product range in the field of filter bags for a couple of weeks now. They are compatible with most of the common filter housings. The approved and simple handling of filter bag systems is combined with the performance features of filter elements – highest uniformity of the separation efficiency, large filter surface for a maximum dirt absorption capacity and the option of customized products for specific applications.

The available sizes range from bag size 1 up to ca. 1500 mm long elements. We gladly compare these filter elements with the alternative standard filter bags, XL and XXL filter bags from an economical and technical point of view. Whether a new construction or only a modification of your existing filter system – please contact us and we will gladly assist you.


Filter cloths for fruit juice filtration


Filtration is an important part in fruit juice production. The depicted filter cloths were developed for a chamber filter press in collaboration with a juice producer from southern Germany. The use in filter presses often comprises a fluid loss, because the liquid is squeezed out of the filter system along the filter cloth thread. These losses are avoided with the blue edge coating. Like this a clouded filtrate is prevented and a clear juice can be extracted in an economic way.

Beside filter cloths there are various other products that are suited for applications in the food industry. Whether it is cartridge filters or filter bags, contact us about your current needs and we will gladly assist you.


Stainless steel filter cartridge housing with differential pressure display for purification of organic solvents


The technical realization of the purification of a lacquering fluid for one of our customers will in the future be ensured by a cartridge filter housing. In order to reach a consistently high quality level and avoid rejects, the filter medium, which is applied on PCBs, can be filtered through a 5 µm stainless steel filter cartridge. The process is secured by a pressure gauge which indicates the right time for a filter change.

Do you have an application in which you want to filter a liquid in a new or different way? Our product portfolio ranges from string wound filter cartridges with nominal filtration fineness through pleated absolute filter cartridges to stainless steel filter cartridges for very demanding environments. In combination with the respective single or multiple cartridge housings made of stainless steel or plastic, your problem will be solved.


Belt Filter


Belt filters for the filtration of liquids are optimally complemented by our filter nonwovens. No matter if cooling lubricants or emulsions respectively, rolling oils, waste water, chemicals or other liquids - we can offer you the right nonwoven for your filter unit. The commonly used belt filter systems like gravity belt filters or vacuum belt filters differ with regard to their requirements for the used nonwovens. Technical parameters like the nonwoven thickness, air permeability, filtration fineness or the permissible tensile forces are crucial for the compatibility. In order to facilitate the selection for our customers, we added a subpage to our website which contains schematic depictions of common belt filters with filter fleece recommendations.

We will gladly assist you with individual consultation!


Bag filter housings for cooling lubricant filtration


Cooling lubricant filtration for the protection of pumps and machine components? This is where our filter bag housings show their full performance capabilty in a current project. Therefore, the cooling lubricant has to be purified from different deposits and incorporated impurities. Our filter housings Topline together with needle felt filter bags with high dirt holding capacity are suitable to perform this task up to a volume flow of 40 m³/h per filter bag housing in size 2.

Are you in need for the filtration of a liquid? In our assortment of more than 1000 filter bag variants you will find the right choice as well as in the selection from different filter housings. Whether single housings in diverse designs or multi filter bag housings - we assist you and find the right selection together with you.


Bubble Point: Pore size determination


The pore size plays an important role for filter products and needs to be chosen accurately. As small as necessary to retain all dirt particles and as large as possible in order to keep the liquid flow rate high enough. But how can the pore size or filtration fineness be determined?

Frequently used in quality control is the so-called bubble point test where an air stream is directed towards a filter medium which is dipped into a liquid. The pressure is increased until air can pass through the filter and bubbles form in the liquid. The subsequent pressure drop can be converted into the maximum pore size.

A similar method, the capillary flow porometry, can even determine pore size distributions. Therefore, a liquid soaked filter is used and the pressure is measured on both sides. The air stream pressure is slowly increased until air penetrates the filter. If pores of a certain size are exposed, the pressure drops depending on the number of pores. From this, the pore sizes as well as their abundance can be calculated.

Any questions? Please contact us!



Due to the strong interest in our various filter fleece and filter cloth products, we expanded and specified our website in these categories. From now on you can find further technical data about the different filter fleece types (needle felt, waterjet fleece, etc.) as well as our mono and/or multifil filter cloths. We hope you enjoy discovering our products and wish you a pleasant week.


Did you know...

…that besides for filtration, technical nonwovens are used for various hygiene and care products? For our little ones, nonwovens in diapers are enriched with superabsorbents in order to increase the storage capacity. Wet wipes consist of fleece soaked in care lotion and by preparation with antibacterial substances, fleeces can also be used as dressings and bandages. Nonwovens are very versatile in use and support us in many situations in daily life.

Nonwovens have become vital in filtration technology. Detailed information about filter fleece for liquids can be found here!



Congratulations to our colleague Tizian S. on successfully completing the second semester of his master degree in materials science!